The Establishment Division deals with matters like staff service, Authority meeting and proceedings, Employee records and Maintenance, Discipline etc.

The planning division looks after building plan approvals within the jurisdiction of BDA Brahmapur, Preparation of Comprehensive Development Plan and Building Regulations.

The Engineering division deals with construction and maintenance of BDA projects.

The Enforcement department ensures the compliance of the regulations and approvals as set out by the BDA Brahmapur.

The department of Finance is responsible for the maintenance of office records, preparation of Annual Budgets etc.

The following scheme on Housing , Land , Market, Open Spaces is devised and managed by this Department.


BeDa in its objective to take up planned and systematic development , has been instrumental in taking up numerous developmental projects . However , to support the innovative initiatives, BeDa recognizes the limited in-house capacity and the need foe a qualified Urban Planning and Design team to serve as the project monitoring unit to undertake advanced urban development activities. IBI Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd. has  been retained to provide the necessary support in this one of its first planning cum transaction advisory to BeDa. The scope of PMU cell is to support BeDa as it pertains to improve urban planning process and land management, including sustainable planning approaches , better land use planning and land management strategies: planning for urban development and redevelopment.


The objective of PMU  is also to procedure transaction related advice, develop revenue models, undertake project appraisals, and assist in the bidding processes and award of the projects, contract administration and project controls, reporting to the Authority for project progress along with alternate planning and sequencing  .

PMU Cell Team Members

Team Leader                   : Bankim Kalra

Project Manager             : Sandeep V

Transaction Adviser       : Sumeet Sharma

Transport Planner          :  Sraddha Kumar

Land Use Planner           : Aravind Viswanathan